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It´s Crypto-nite for Traditional Banks and Payment Providers

The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly evolving and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies has steadily increased with the value of the whole cryptocurrency market surpassing $1.6 trillion.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

A Demand for APMs

As the number of cryptocurrency hodlers continue to increase, merchants have an opportunity to increase their overall market share by accepting it as another alternative payment method (APM). Supporting cryptocurrencies allow businesses to attract more customers worldwide by offering innovative payment methods. This is especially true for industries offering large ticket and high volume goods and services or simply for those who have been blocked from traditional payment rails and methods.

The increase in demand in crypto processing, demonstrates that businesses need these services because of the several advantages of crypto processing compared to traditional banking/payment services.
  • Transaction speed of international payments is faster

  • Cheaper transaction costs in average terms

  • Chargebacks are not possible since transactions in blockchain are irreversible

  • Global payouts are easy to any of your customers, suppliers, or partners virtually anywhere in the world

  • And much more as the crypto ecosystem is developing much faster than the existing one

Crypto is Kryptonite

A lack of banking and payment options is a big problem for crypto businesses. Despite cryptocurrency increasing in popularity and demand, its difficulty in real-time processing of payments due to price volatility is one of the major reasons why a business will have a hard time finding a cryptocurrency merchant account processor. Needless to say, to enter this new system most merchants will still need processing for both fiat and crypto so consumers have a choice to continue to use fiat and can easily transition to the new world of payments.

Traditional acquiring banks will view your business as too much of a risk to grant you new alternative payment methods. Aside from a long list of requirements, you also need to prove to acquiring banks that you’ve got the sales volume to overcome the risk of handing you a high-risk merchant account.

There are many pros and cons of opening a merchant account to accept cryptocurrency.

Like any responsible business, you need to assess if your business goals and what you plan on doing with your digital gains are aligned.

If you're ready to take the next step, then read on.

The Future of Payments at Your Fingertips

Cryptocurrency Exchange and Credit Card
URCRYPTO (Your Crypto) business with the help of XPAY

Whether you're a store owner/online merchant who wants to accept cryptocurrency or your company is building a crypto exchange platform, securing a high-risk merchant account in this vertical has become easier than before.

We help businesses like yours to accept and settle crypto worldwide by:

  • Providing convenient, secure and instant transaction processing through a single integration

  • Facilitating transactions for the world’s growing interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) - these are digital artwork, videos, collectibles and other one-of-a-kind assets for cryptocurrency art enthusiasts and investors

  • Ensuring merchant protection through compliance and secure and private transaction processing

  • Supporting a fiat-cryptocurrency gateway connecting market participants including exchanges, brokers, wallet and liquidity providers

  • Opening doors to all industries - retail, software, travel, ecommerce, etc.

With our industry knowledge in this payment vertical, we can help you answer your questions with a free consultation.

Directly accept crypto payments from customers anywhere in the world right now.